Civilian TASER Training Course

Course Name:  Civilian TASER Training Course

Course Fee: $100.00 OR $445.00 including TASER Pulse Unit

Course Overview:  TASERs are now legal in all jurisdictions in Maryland.  The course will focus on the use of TASER in a civilian self-defense application.

Course Length:  3 hours

Classroom Instruction

  • TASER terminology and operation
  • Stun gun vs. TASER
  • Firearm vs. TASER
  • TASER Pulse features and functionality
  • TASER Pulse maintenance
  • Self-defense using a TASER
  • Hands-on Training

You will actually be able to fire a TASER Pulse in this class with the purchase of a Pulse.  A TASER provides INSTANT incapacitation to the attacker.  No permit to carry!!!!!