My name is Robin Churn aka (Butter), owner and operator of Self-Safety Defense Solutions. I started my passion for training women and young girls the basics of shooting, after realizing that many women were approaching me at shooting ranges and asking me if I could teach them how to shoot, after watching me shoot. At the time, I was not certified to teach. But after getting approached many times, my husband looked at me and said, “this is your calling”. I started my firearm business first as Female Pistol Instructor, LLC in 2017 and later changed the name to Self-Safety Defense Solutions, because of my additional certifications.

My firearms background stems from my time in the military, my law enforcement background, and my love of shooting. I am an honorably discharged Army veteran with over 16 years of experience as a Senior Professional Law Enforcement Officer with the City of Raleigh, N.C. I have over four (4) years of experience as a United Nations Law Enforcement Professional, Training Advisor in Kabul, Afghanistan and Port Au Prince, Haiti; I trained both men and women in law enforcement procedures and techniques.

My certifications include: National Rifle Association (NRA) certified: pistol instructor, chief range safety officer, and Refuse to be a Victim College Edition Instructor; Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) Instructor for armed and unarmed guards; TASER civilian instructor, Phazzer Instructor, and women’s self-defense training advisor. I am training in Jiujitsu, but I decided to take a break in training due to COVID – 19 crises, because of the close physical contact required. I continue to learn more and more, as I train with senior shooting instructors who challenge me, to keep working and training.

My goal is to one day own my own shooting range and training center, where women can learn to shoot and train in self-defense in a safe environment with other women, build confidence, and be responsible for their own safety.

My motto is “Being selfish is not a bad word when it comes to your safety”.